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Do’s and don’ts of getting hearing aids

December 20, 2018


1. Do speak with a hearing professional about situations you want to hear and communicate in better.
2. Do bring a third party or significant other with you to the appointment.
3. Do ask about follow-up care plans and what to expect from your new hearing aids.
4. Do be honest with your hearing professional about where and when you struggle to hear and understand.
5. Do ask about payment plans if cost is a concern.


1. Don’t make your choice based just on the cost of the hearing aid.
2. Don’t assume your hearing loss is “normal” for your age. Hearing loss is never normal.
3. Don’t skip the service plan. Your hearing needs change over time and a service plan will make sure your hearing professional will be able to have your aids adapt with you.
4. Don’t buy hearing aids from anyone who doesn’t test your hearing.
5. Don’t pick a hearing aid based on buzz words. Choose hearing aids that will help you when and where you want help.
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